Fertility Yoga provides a space for our patients to connect with their mind, body and spirit to promote positive mindfulness during their fertility journey. IVF can be extremely challenging both physically and mentally. It is important to engage in practices which alleviate both stress and anxiety, intended to keep one calm during their journey which can improve an individual's chance of conception. No.1 Fertility is the first clinic nation-wide to introduce Fertility yoga sessions right here on site at Emerald City, our East Melbourne facility.

Fertility Yoga

Yoga for fertility is a series of specific postures that regulate and influence our endocrine system, increase blood flow and vitality to your pelvic region and improve nutrient supply to your reproductive organs. These specific yoga poses not only restore your physical and emotional health, they release muscle tension and reduce stress.

Benefits of Fertility Yoga include:

  • Helps to reduce stress and anxiety
  • Focuses on a positive body connection and positive mindset
  • Renews a sense of sexuality
  • Connects back to the feminine
  • Increases intimacy between partners
  • Encourages coming back home to your body
  • Restores nervous system to its parasympathetic (PNS) state which is essential for our reproductive system to function properly
  • Balances endocrine system so it can regulate your sex hormones and reproductive health

Please follow along with the recorded session below with Dr Amanda Waaldyk to enjoy a Fertility yoga class from the comfort of your own home.

Dr Amanda Waaldyk | @angea_acupuncture_yoga

For more information about how to join our Fertility Yoga classes at Emerald City when classes resume, please email

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