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Ovulation usually occurs every month.  A cycle is typically referred to as a 28-day cycle.  But don’t panic only 15% of women have the “perfect” 28 day cycle.  

Ovulation Induction

Cycles can widely vary and this means that ovulation timing can also vary.  If your cycle varies from 25 days or over 35 days chances are you are not ovulating.  No 1 Fertility can help you conceive naturally with ovulation therapy and this is how:

  • Firstly we need to sort out when you are ovulating or why you are not ovulating by doing some hormone blood tests
    • There can be many causes of ovulatory issues including Polycystic Ovarian Disease, elevated prolactin, early menopause or the brain may not be sending the correct messages to the ovary (Hypothalamic amenorrhoea)
  • Once we have the cause diagnosed we can then treat it with ovulation therapy
  • There are different types of ovulation therapy and your No 1 Fertility Specialist may prescribe either a series of tablets or injections. They both work by activating the FSH hormone from the pituitary gland in the brain that the causes the follicle to grow
  • Usually your eggs will be ready after for first ultrasound but some patients may take longer to grow their eggs

The type of ovulation therapy will depend on your individual needs and situation.  It is important to note there is a higher risk of twins with ovulation induction therapy and you need to be closely monitored to make sure there are not too many follicles growing that may put you at higher risk of having a multiple pregnancy.

Many couples have had success conceiving naturally by tweaking their cycle and engaging in intercourse at the right time of the month.

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