How to get started

Three easy steps!

1. Chose your Fertility Specialist (Call No 1 Fertility and we can assist)
2. See your GP for a referral to a No 1 Fertility Specialist
3. Make an appointment!


Police Checks

You will need to apply for National Police Checks for both you and your partner (if applicable) directly to the Victorian Police. There is a fee involved for each application and this is payable to the Victorian Police. The fee is located on the Victorian Police website. Police checks can take up to 3 weeks and we cannot proceed with treatment without sighting the original police check.


Child protection order check

It is Victorian legislation that everyone accessing IVF or IUI needs to have a child protection order check complete prior to commencing treatment. A working with children check does not fulfil the legislative requirements and is not acceptable.



At No1 Fertility we are transparent with all our costs for treatment and happy to discuss them with you. We understand the cost of having fertility treatment may be quite unexpected!


How can you prepare for pregnancy?

It is important to prepare yourself for pregnancy so that you have the best chance of achieving a healthy baby. 


No. 1 Fertility Tips

We know lifestyle change is sometimes difficult therefore just reach out to one of our nurse or counsellors if you need some help!

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