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At No1 Fertility we are transparent with all our costs for treatment and happy to discuss them with you. We understand the cost of having fertility treatment may be quite unexpected!


The costs below are estimated out of pocket costs (gap payment after Medicare and private health insurance rebate) for patients undergoing fertility treatment with No 1 Fertility.  Costs are only estimates as everyone’s situation is different so we do encourage you to speak with our Fertility Finance Officer to get a more accurate costing for your fertility treatment and your individual situation.  The costs below assume that patients have already reached the Medicare Safety Net threshold for the calendar year.  

Treatment   Approximate Out of Pocket Costs*
IVF – Initial Cycle   $3478
IVF – Initial Cycle  + ICSI   $3814
IVF – Subsequent Cycle   $2922
IVF – Subsequent Cycle + ICSI   $3258
Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET)   $953
IUI   $730
EmbryoScope Plus Timelapse   Standard practice at N1F – no additional fee

* This has been estimated on the Patient having reached the Safety Net threshold for the Calendar Year. 
* Costs are valid from 1st February 2018 and can change without notice

The fertility treatment costs cover all treatment management during an individual cycle, including fertility specialist performing egg collection and embryo transfer, nursing consultation and support, counselling support, standard embryology procedures, blood tests and ultrasounds within the treatment cycle. 

Day surgery fees, Anesthetic services fees and medications are not covered by the above costs.

Additional Treatments   Cost
Preimplantation Genetic Testing   $700 per embryo
IMSI – Sperm Selection   $250
Spindle Visualisation   $295

Please speak to our Fertility Finance Officer for information about donor sperm and egg fees.

Queries about Fertility Treatment Costs, Payment options or to ask what potential fees are for your particular circumstance just ask Amanda, our Fertility Finance Officer:


You will need to ensure you have a valid referral from a GP or specialist to ensure you are eligible for any Medicare rebate.   To ensure that your rebate is deposited promptly into your bank account, please ensure you have given your bank details to Medicare prior to commencing treatment.  To ensure you get the benefit of any additional money through Medicare Safety Net – Please ensure you have registered for Safety Net with Medicare.

Medicare has introduced a maximum limit for IVF related services.  This is called Extended Medicare Safety Net (EMSN) Benefit Cap.  This is paid in addition to the standard Medicare rebate.  This EMSN benefit cap has all been taken into consideration when we have estimated what the out of pocket expense will be to the patient for each treatment cycle.

Any questions relating to Medicare and Safety Net, contact Medicare directly on 132011 or visit

Private Health Insurance

You do not need to have Private Health Insurance to access treatment with No 1 Fertility however, further costs will be incurred with paying for hospital day surgery fees (which are not covered by Medicare).

If you do have Private Health Insurance, the amount covered will depend on your level of cover.  You will need to contact your Private Health provider directly to ensure you have sufficient cover. 

Day Surgery and Anesthetist

Day surgery theatre accommodation costs are additional costs to No 1 Fertility cycles fees.  These fees are often covered by your Private Health Insurance.   You will need to check with your Private Health Insurance to ensure you are covered for IVF procedures.

Procedures performed under anesthetic will incur an additional charge for an anesthetist. 

If you want to know more about your hospital fees and charges, contact the hospital directly.

Please speak with our Fertility Finance Officer to provide you with 2 companies who are also able to assist you with finding the sufficient funds to cover the treatment costs:

SUPER CARE – will access your superannuation to pay for treatment.

MACCREDIT – offers payment plan options to suit your individual needs.

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