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You will need to apply for National Police Checks for both you and your partner (if applicable) directly to the Victorian Police. There is a fee involved for each application and this is payable to the Victorian Police. The fee is located on the Victorian Police website. Police checks can take up to 3 weeks and we cannot proceed with treatment without sighting the original police check.

Police Checks

In order to complete the National Police Check form please:

  1. Visit the Victorian Police website and download the pdf  "Online application form for the National Police Certificate"
  2. In "Section A: type of check required" mark the "National name check"
  3. In "Section E: Purpose of check" "Option 1" mark "Contact with children" and under "Other" write "IVF APPLICATION"
  4. Submit the completed application
  5. Please submit the original form to a Number 1 Fertility team member and we will return the original Police Check to you once sighted.

Overseas and Interstate patients will need to complete a Police Check however this will be through the Australian Federal Police. For further details please contact our counselling department.

You will also need to complete a Child Protection Order Check (CPOC) please use this link.

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