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At Number 1 Fertility we use state of the art, artificial intelligence technology to assist our embryologists in choosing the highest quality embryo for IVF transfer. The ‘Life Whisperer’ technology is non-invasive and may help give you a better chance of pregnancy success. By helping your embryologist to select the highest quality embryo for transfer first time, Life Whisperer can help shorten the time to pregnancy and reduce the number of IVF cycles you may need.

Life Whisperer uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to assess an embryo’s structure from an image, evaluating features not visible to the naked eye with a microscope. It can also identify complex patterns across the embryo. Using this information, it can predict with much greater accuracy whether an embryo will develop a foetal heartbeat and lead to a pregnancy.

The AI assesses images already taken by your embryologist during the normal IVF process and compares them with more than 20,000 embryo images from clinics all around the world to determine which embryo is best to transfer. It delivers a score for each embryo. The higher the score, the better the chance of successful implantation.

Your embryologist will use this together with several other grading techniques and selection methods to decide which embryo will give you the best chance at pregnancy.

Timelapse imaging for all our patients

We use IVF time-lapse imaging incubators to grow all your embryos as standard-best practice at no extra cost to you.

This allows us to know how each of your embryos are growing every 5 minutes and gives us valuable information to select the best embryo for transfer and to identify when the embryos that don’t make it to blastocyst stop growing.


Intracytoplasmic morphologically selected sperm injection (IMSI)

Allows selection of sperm at very high magnification using digital imaging.  It allows the embryologist to get a better view of the shape of the sperm head in particular and can identify vacuoles and gross defects.  Therefore if you have high number of sperm that are abnormally shaped this will allow better sperm selection.

HA Sperm Selection for ICSI

We can use SpermSlow for sperm selection for ICSI. SpermSlow contains hyaluronan (HA) and slows down sperm and allows the embryologist to select the best sperm to inject the egg.


Environment is Important

We use all the available tools to ensure your eggs, sperm and embryos are always in a stable environment.  IVF and ICSI chambers are employed to ensure temperature and pH are optimal and state of the art incubators that not only allow us to see your embryos but have an excellent environment for embryo growth. 

We also use only the best culture media to grow your embryos and IVF consumables that meet our rigorous standards.

Genetic Testing

By taking a few cells from the embryo at the blastocyst stage (an embryo that has been growing in the laboratory for 5-6 days) we can identify embryos that either do not have the correct complement of chromosomes or have known genetic disease. The process does not harm the blastocyst but this option is very important for patients that have experienced recurrent pregnancy loss, failed IVF cycles, don't have time on their hands as the clock is ticking and need to select embryos that are chromosomally normal or for patients that have known genetic disease. Once we have taken the cells from the blastocyst we freeze the embryos and transfer the appropriate embryos in a frozen embryo transfer cycle.

Genetic Testing
Genetic Testing

Our aim is to help you achieve a healthy baby and the best way to do this is by transferring a single embryo.  When more than one embryo is transferred, there is a high chance of having a multiple pregnancy that is not ideal for baby and mum. People think that by putting only one embryo back this decreases their chances of having a baby but the scientific evidence does not support this. 

Research shows that by transferring a single embryo at the blastocyst stage (day 5 of embryo development) it not only increases your chance of having a baby, it reduces the time to pregnancy.  This is because not all embryos can reach the blastocyst stage for various biological reasons and by culturing in a robust, state of the art culture system, we can select the best embryo without compromise.


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