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“Family is important to me
and helping patients achieve
their family is my mission.”
Dr Lynn Burmeister
Medical Director No 1 Fertility

Number 1 Fertility has emerged from the belief that every patient has the right to have the best fertility care. We believe it is a privilege to assist you and it is our duty to give you the support, science, specialised advice, guidance and care you need in order for you to achieve your dream of being a parent. Empathy, integrity and responsibility are paramount to why and how we practice, and helping people achieve their dream of having a healthy baby is what we do.

You are our No 1

We listen

Listen to you, your journey so far and address your needs and concerns

Start right

Improve your egg and sperm quality, lifestyle and diet to increase their fertility potential

Tailored treatment

Highly individualised treatment based on your history, biological profile and discussions with you


You are included in the decision making process

Keeping you informed

Help and support when you need it

Leading science

Every embryo will reach its potential


Decades of clinical experience

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