Our counselling team

Jenneke Scott: Counselling Manager

Our counselling Manager Jenneke Scott grew up in freezing cold Canada where she used to have to shovel her car out in the mornings to get to work. She studied Psychology and then went on to study social work and has a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, Honours in Social work and a Master of Social Work.

Her career started in Canada working with the police and families in need before moving to Australia over 10 years ago.  She was working with at risk children and high-risk infant consulting before making the move to fertility counselling over 7 years ago and she hasn’t looked back. Having experienced pregnancy loss herself, she is passionate about bereavement work within the context of infertility and allowing people the space to process their journey.

Her passion for person centred care stems working with marginalised and disenfranchised groups and seeing how mainstream services often treated them like another number. This is what attracted her to working at No.1 Fertility as she heard from colleagues about the individualised care and personalised support offered by Dr Lynn and all staff of No.1. She feels blessed to work in a team that is made up of amazing women who care deeply about the emotional wellbeing of patients and each other. There is not a day of work that doesn’t go by that the team support each other but also find time to check in and also have a laugh.

One of her main goals as the counselling department manager is to ensure the team and wider staff of No. 1 feel supported to provide empathic and responsive care to patients and to ensure patients feel heard when it comes to their care and emotional health. As a practitioner she enjoys working with individuals and couples and has a keen interest in donor and surrogacy work. She secretly enjoys policy and program development and her team know if she comes down the hall with a to-do list, they should run the other way!

Our clinics have the best and latest technology with state-of-the-art equipment and world leading scientists.


Felicity Matson: Senior Counsellor

Felicity has been working as a counsellor in fertility for almost a decade and has very much enjoyed meeting many wonderful patients in this time. She believes that it is a privilege to hear their stories of their struggle to conceive and their resilience and strength to persist in their pursuit of having children. She also enjoys supporting them find ways to prioritise their own personal wellbeing and for couples, to take care of their relationship.

One of her favourite parts of working for Number 1 Fertility are her colleagues, who she believes care deeply about the wellbeing of Number 1 patients.

Felicity has a Bachelor of Social Work, a Graduate Diploma in Family Therapy and a Masters of Business Administration. She has worked in also sorts of positions including with families who have experienced the death of a loved one at work, providing counselling to Victoria Police members and working with children who are at risk and their families. She has also done some project and policy work along the way, although her counselling work is her ‘happy place’.

She loves to travel, having been to all sorts of interesting spots including Myanmar! Although the international travel is off for now, there are lots of plans for camping and seeing Australia in the next few years.


Louise O’Byrne

Louise’s background is in Social Work and Family Therapy and she has been working as an IVF Counsellor for many years.  Louise has a particular interest in couple’s relationship health and resilience and also in the changing patterns of partnering for women. In addition Louise has worked for many years with couples and individuals in long term treatment. Over time this has built an understanding of the physical impacts of treatment and the potential for body awareness and therapies to contribute to better emotional health.

Louise is passionate about patient centred care and came to work at Number 1 because of the emphasis on support and the focus on people undertaking treatment.

One of the things Louise loves the most about working at Number 1 is belonging to a fabulous team. There is a lot of laughter at Number 1 and a willingness to go the extra mile for patients and colleagues.  Louise also loves that a creative idea can fly here.  It is an ever-changing and exciting workspace.


Julia Cernaz

Julia is an experienced counsellor and therapist who has specialised over the past decade in working with individuals and couples confronting fertility issues and undergoing reproductive treatment. Julia is deeply committed to this work and values establishing a collaborative relationship and holding the unique experience of each person at the centre of the work. 

She is an accredited Mental Health Social Worker and holds a Graduate Diploma in Family Therapy and a Master of Couple and Relationship Counselling. She has worked extensively in the areas of grief, loss, and trauma. At No 1 Fertility Julia has co-facilitated meet up groups and mindfulness workshops. She is passionate about her work at No 1 where she continues to work alongside her private practice. Julia has a passion for travel, film, and is a keen devotee of yoga, swimming, and dance.


Georgina Roberts

Georgina’s specialisation is Health Psychology and she has over 15 years of clinical experience, working in both private and public healthcare settings.  She really enjoys working as a counsellor at Number 1 Fertility; supporting couples and individuals as they navigate their way through fertility treatment. Georgina adopts a compassionate, non-judgemental approach to counselling.

She understands that the journey to becoming pregnant can be an emotional rollercoaster for many couples and individuals and is committed to doing whatever she can to make the IVF experience a positive one for our patients.

Georgina feels lucky to work within a team of highly experienced fertility counsellors, who also happen to be really lovely people. She enjoys working in a smaller clinic, that prioritises patient-centered care, and loves reading the emails that come through from former Number 1 patients who have achieved their dream of welcoming a baby into the world.


Genetics Department

Alice Weeks

Alice manages the Genetic Counselling department at Number 1 Fertility. Alice has over 10 years’ experience as a Genetic Counsellor following her Master of Genetic Counselling and has both clinical and research experience. She discovered a passion for reproductive genetic counselling early in her career and worked for 8 years in the pregnancy setting before moving to Number 1 Fertility. 

Alice provides empathic and patient centred care for patients at Number 1 Fertility. Alice believes in the importance of informed decision making and enjoys assisting couples to understand complex information about genetic testing and risk in the context of their own unique circumstances. 

In her spare time Alice enjoys open water swimming, being outdoors, gardening, and spending time with family and friends.


Maddie Teed

Maddie obtained a Bachelor of Science majoring in molecular biology and genetics, and a Bachelor of Arts in psychology before moving from Canada to Melbourne to complete the Master of Genetic Counselling and pursue her career.

From a young age, Maddie held a fascination with reproduction and fertility and is well suited to working in IVF. She has previous experience in neurogenetics research and employment in familial cancer genetics. Maddie feels genetic counselling is an essential area of medicine that recognises the importance of empathy, informed care, information giving, and patient autonomy. Maddie is passionate about providing patient centred care, the model of care valued at Number 1 Fertility. She feels that supporting a person or couple in their fertility journey is a privilege, and her role with Number 1 is a joy in her life.

Maddie enjoys yoga, the beach, and exploring the beautiful suburbs of Melbourne.


Abbie Jedwab

Abbie is an Associate Genetic Counsellor at Number 1 Fertility and has completed a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Genetic Counselling. She has a keen interest in research including bioethics, psychology, and the role of empathy in healthcare. She has experience in cancer, general and prenatal genetics, and finds working in reproductive genetics at Number 1 Fertility especially rewarding.

Abbie is a warm, passionate and empathic genetic counsellor, and is dedicated to the delivery of patient-centred care. She enjoys helping individuals and couples understand the role of genetics and genetic testing in their fertility journey and is driven to empower them to make informed decisions about their fertility treatment and prenatal care.

In her spare time, Abbie enjoys gardening, reading, art and photography (especially of her dogs).


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